i wonder which one would surprise me more

blogg just finished subscribing to these monthly boxes i wonder which one works best . after i receive my subscriptions i want to tell my reviews to help out others out there figure out which one is best . i will def tell my whole truth about the products i have heard a couple of stories so lets see i can’t wait !


Freebie Freebie & more Freebies

hello my dear bloggers !

I have started to learn how to receive free samples !! Now let me start by saying the word ( free ) is lne of the best words i love ! Ha!  But anyways if you are interested have no fear because i am here to help here you go :

hunt4freebies.com        Vonbeau.com          Ohyesitsfree.com

freebieninja.com              Rewardsurvey.com

freeflys.com                   Freebieshark.com

Juliesfreebies.                Momsfunmoney.com

now there are other websites they usually ask for a review of the product they send you ; they will need you to fill out a survey about yourself to determine what to send to you and those websites are :

influenster.com  (they also have a app)

smiley360.com          Swaggable.com         Samplesource.com

pinchme.com       Buzzagent.com      Brandbacker.com

If you guys have any other websites please leave a comment below id love to hear more ; thats all for now at  O snap!


questions questions hmm!

is sexting consider cheating ?